“To find out what is right …”: Navjot Singh Sidhu targets Punjab chief minister


Navjot Singh Sidhu criticized the Chief Minister of Punjab during the police shooting case in 2015.


Congress leader Navjot Singh Sidhu again targeted Punjab chief minister Amarinder Singh over the 2015 sacrilegious incidents involving Guru Grath Sahib and the killing of two people in police dismissals.

“Knowing what is right and not doing it is the worst cowardice,” Sidhu said, implying the chief minister’s alleged failure to ensure justice in this matter.

The cricketer-turned-politician has repeatedly attacked Mr Singh on social media for alleged justice delay in desecrating a religious text and shooting by police in 2015.

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“Thousands of cases are solved daily by the Punjab police, none require an SIT or commission of inquiry. I explained the role of the Badals behind Sacrilege, Behbal Kalan and Kotkapura shooting repeatedly. Year 2018/19, reiterating my demand for justice with Sukhi Randhawa Ji, “Mr Sidhu said in a tweet.

“Knowing what’s right and not doing it is the worst cowardice !!” he said in another tweet.

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Mr Sidhu criticized the Chief Minister of Punjab after the High Court of Punjab and Haryana quashed an investigative report into the Kotkapura dismissal case in 2015 last month.

The state government had formed a new special investigation team to investigate the Kotkapura shooting incident in 2015.

The lawmaker of Amritsar East had questioned the alleged “deliberate delay” in the establishment of justice and had accused Amarinder Singh of shirking his responsibility in the 2015 sacrilege case.

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The Chief Minister of Punjab had called Mr. Sidhu’s explosions “total indiscipline”.

Seven Punjab ministers had called for action against Sidhu for continuously attacking Amarinder Singh.

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