Today’s ‘Quordle’ answers and clues for Friday, November 25


Hey, Happy Black Friday! I’m sure you scour the sales of your favorite online stores for bargains, but it’s worth taking a break at some point. If you happen to spend that downtime playing Quordle, so much better. I have clues and the answers for today’s game coming up.

For those joining us for the first time, here’s how to play Quordle: Just start typing words. You have four five-letter words to guess and nine attempts to find them all. The catch is that you play all four words at the same time.

If you get a letter in the right place for one of the four words, it will light up green. If a word contains a letter from one of your guesses, but is in the wrong place, it will be shown in yellow. After you have used a letter in a guess, you can also see on the keyboard whether it occurs in one of the words. You can always check out the practice games before starting the daily puzzle too.

Here are some pointers for today Quordle game, followed by the answers:

Quordle directions for November 25

  1. Word 1 (upper left) clue — a soldier or group of soldiers
  2. Word 2 (top right) clue – in an angry or passionate way
  3. Word 3 (bottom left) clue – here’s the Oxford dictionary definition for this one: “the fully shaded inner area of ​​a shadow cast by an opaque object, especially the area on the Earth or Moon that goes through the total phase of an eclipse”
  4. Word 4 (lower right) clue — Street Fighter II [blank]. Also the title of an animated film about a speed-obsessed snail
  5. A word has a double letter
  6. Today’s words begin with T, H, U, and T

Quordle answers for November 25

Spoiler alert! Don’t scroll any further down the page until you’re ready to discover today’s Quordle answers.

This is your final warning!

Today’s words are…

I had never heard of “umbra” until now. Hey.

That’s all there is for today Quordle clues and answers. I’ll post hints and the solution for Saturday’s game on my blog as soon as possible.


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