Tom Brady roasts Max Kellerman on anniversary of ‘cliff’ take


Tom Brady roasts Max Kellerman on anniversary of ‘cliff’ take that originally appeared on NBC Sports Boston

It’s safe to say that Max Kellerman will never live off his infamous “falling off a cliff” version of Tom Brady.

Thursday marked the former’s sixth birthday first take co-host says Brady is “almost done”. Since then, the former New England Patriots quarterback has won three Super Bowl titles, including one in his debut season with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. He will return in 2022 for his 45-year season and has a real chance of adding an eighth Super Bowl ring to his collection.

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To celebrate the occasion, Brady Kellerman took to Twitter to promote his Brady Brand swimwear line.

Kellerman admitted to being wrong a few years ago, but we can’t blame Brady for taking the opportunity to dunk him. Of all the Brady doubters over the years, the ESPN personality stands out above the rest.

Brady is coming off a 2021 campaign in which he completed 67.5 percent of his passes for 5,316 yards and 43 touchdowns. He announced his retirement shortly after the season, but only changed his mind a month later. At this point, Brady may never fall off Kellerman’s cliff. He will likely sail into the sunset and top the charts as the best quarterback in NFL history.

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