Tommy Lee announces his OnlyFans account by waving his butt to the crowd


OnlyFans, say hello to Tommy Lee.

Heavy metal band drummer Mötley Crüe announced Friday that he is launching an OnlyFans account during the group’s final performance in Las Vegas before their Stadium tour.

The launch comes a month after Lee posted and then deleted a full frontal nude before later encouraging concertgoers to “get your damn shit out of it” and expose their genitals.

“Well, I’ve already won. I showed you my shit,” he said. “They got it off the internet. No more cocks, no more tits. Is that it?”

The “Dr. Feelgood” artist laughed and continued: “Well, what I’ve done is now I’ve gone to a place where you can be as free as fuck, and you can show anyone whatever you want, and they fuck don’t take it down.”

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Lee rockstar then unzipped his pants and revealed his buttocks, showing the words “Only Fans” on both buttocks as the audience erupted in laughter and applause.

After the show, the Grammy nominee showed off his bum again and uploaded a photo of his butt, only slightly covered by a flame emoji.

On Sunday, the musician took Twitter to criticize Instagram for “monitoring our bodies” in another nod to its new daring venture.

“Hey, I’m Tommy Lee. Come with me to OnlyFans because I fucking went there,” he said in the clip. “I’m tired of Instagram checking our bodies, so get to the wild side – OnlyFans. Let’s go,” he wrote.