Too late for the disintegration of Nigeria – Renowned author, Awosika – TBEN


Ibukun Awosika says that the dissolution of Nigeria is not an option because the country “is already several decades too late to disintegrate”.

The Chairman of the Board of Directors of First Bank made the remark Thursday in Kaduna during a public meeting on national security.

Awosika noted that those who fought for the independence of Nigeria were not from the same tribe.

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The renowned author said that Nigeria includes many tribes, ethnic groups, cultures and traditions and that the combination, according to her, has long provided the opportunity to develop talents, diversity, natural and human resources.

“When you look at what Nigeria stands for in terms of market size and population, the country is richly blessed,” NAN said quoted.

Awosika said that as a Christian, many of her family, friends and associates are Muslims and live in peace and harmony.

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She blamed political leaders for not doing enough and playing politics with the issue of Nigeria’s breakup.

Awosika, however, warned that if the politicians succeeded in destroying the country, there would be nothing left to rule.

The motivational speaker urged the political class to “review the approach to taking power”.

Too late for the disintegration of Nigeria – Renowned author, Awosika


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