Top four highlights from Mars Labs’ recent AMA session


The Mars Labs team held an Ask Me Anything (AMA) session where they revealed the direction of the Mars Metaverse project.

During an AMA session on the official OKX Telegram channel, the Mars Labs team answered a wide variety of questions about the Mars Mars Metaverse project. Here are some of the highlights of this event.

Four highlights from the AMA session

Early investors will hold and lock their tokens for at least six months

The Mars Labs team answered the question regarding the incentive for investors who decide to hold onto their MRST token for the long term.

According to the team, early investors agreed to hold their tokens for at least 6 months or even longer for better market sentiment and MRST projections.

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A look at the roadmap shows that the prospects for the project are promising, with some of the early investors believing that the long-term value will be reflected in the price of the token.

The Mars Metaverse comes with NFTs

The Mars Labs team was asked if they planned to integrate NFT technology into the project in the long term. The team replied that the Mars Metaverse project already has NFTs; The Martians PFP NFT and MRST Mining Pet NFT.

Mars Labs said their NFTs are on OpenSea, but recommends that its community members use OnePlanet at this time.

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Mars Labs is focused on releasing its metaverse as soon as possible

Adequate funding and a strong community are important for a project to roll out its products. The Mars Labs team was asked about the product they are currently focusing on.

The team said their priority right now remains to develop and release their metaverse on time. They have planned several rounds of testing to improve the game quality.

As for the funds, Mars Labs said they have enough funds until the end of next year and they want to raise more money from venture capital firms. The Mars Metaverse community is strong and the amount of data the community shows is all organic.

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Mars Labs has partnerships in both web2 and web3

Partnerships are the key to project success. When answering a question about its partnerships, the team said they currently have several promising NFTs and metaverse projects, spanning both Web2 and Web3.

The team said that as a global metaverse project, they are open to further collaboration opportunities.

The AMA session comes just a few days after the MRST token went live on the OKX crypto exchange.

Mars Token (MRST) is the native token of the Mars Metaversea metaverse-focused project developed by Mars Labs.