Travel ban to the United States until the end; New entry conditions


As Americans fly to most corners of the world again, the ban on international travel to the United States prevents most foreign visitors from entering. However, by adhering to these travel guidelines, residents of over 30 countries can resume flying to the United States from November 8, 2021.

New entry requirements for the United States

Starting November 8, 2021, it will be easier for foreign travelers to enter the United States for non-essential travel, such as tourism and family visits. The Biden administration announced the upcoming easing of travel restrictions in September. This has given the 33 countries currently under the travel ban and the travel industry time to prepare.

A presidential proclamation from October 25, 2021 explains in more detail what it takes to travel to the United States.

Proof of vaccination is required

Instead of the current country-by-country approach, the United States is implementing a vaccination mandate for international visitors. Foreign travelers 18 years of age or older should be fully immunized with a vaccine approved by the World Health Organization. There is no self-quarantine option instead.

Currently, minors under the age of 18 do not need to be vaccinated because vaccine availability is still limited in many countries. However, as the vaccine becomes widely available to minors, U.S. officials may lower the minimum age and require adolescents to be fully immunized as well.

Eligible travelers who have an eligible vaccine exemption (ie. They will also be required to submit a negative test result within 24 hours of departure.

Airlines are responsible for verifying that arriving passengers have their final approved dose at least 14 days before entering the United States. The carrier will deny boarding privileges without sufficient proof of vaccination or valid exemption.

Negative input test

All incoming visitors or returning US residents must have a negative pre-trip test result. The test must take place no earlier than 72 hours before arriving in the United States. Airlines will also collect test results and likely deny a passenger boarding without sufficient proof of vaccination and diagnostic tests.

This universal entry requirement has been active since January 26, 2021 and does not appear to expire soon.

Travel health forms

Even in the pre-pandemic period, international visitors filled out a registration form to complete the customs process. Now, the form can include details of the traveller’s accommodation and contact details. Airlines and government health authorities can use this data to contact a traveler if they have potentially been exposed to a positive case.

In addition to federal forms, some states may also require visitors to complete an additional traveler health form.

Unvaccinated Americans can still fly overseas

This policy change only affects non-US citizens and permanent residents. Unvaccinated and partially vaccinated Americans can continue to travel internationally and return to the United States with a negative re-entry test.

However, every American must adhere to the entry requirements and travel restrictions of the destination. As most countries now require tourists to be fully vaccinated to enter without restriction, entry requirements are similar to the new US policy. For example, Americans must be fully immunized to travel to Canada, Europe, and some Caribbean destinations.


This travel easement is helping bring international travel back to its pre-pandemic standard while protecting the health of Americans and foreign visitors. November 8, 2021 may also help tourist destinations in the United States see an increase in the number of customers who have not been able to come for almost two years.

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