Trevor Noah Credits Podcast & Prosecutor in Adnan Syed Release From Jail


The daily show host Trevor Noah took note of the latest developments in the serial case – the quashing of Adnan Syed’s conviction – make fun of the popularity of podcasts before getting serious about the role of real justice in the justice system.

“I think it’s weird that America confuses righting wrong with a happy ending,” Noah said before giving some comedic examples – “Good news! We’ve got the pink slime out of the flesh.”

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Jokingly adding that podcasts should become part of the justice system—replacing juries with podcast listeners who then vote on guilt or innocence—Noah didn’t just mention serial for Syed’s release from prison after 22 years behind bars, but the Baltimore prosecutor (a former public defender) who reviewed the case and found that the original conviction was missing.

“That prosecutor dug deeper into the files than necessary and found all kinds of problems with the original prosecution,” he said, adding that the prosecutor did not need to go one step further in requesting the eviction of Syed’s conviction. “But she said, no, if we want to put someone in jail, it has to be done without a doubt.”

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“That’s the difference between a justice system that wants justice versus a system that just wants to put people in jail.”

Watch the clip above.

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