Tricks Used To Bring TBEN To Saudi Arabia – Woman Who Beat Agent


Nelly Jelagat, who made headlines after confronting an employment agent in the lobby of Jomo Kenyatta International Airport (JKIA), told how she was lured into a high-paying job and then ended up in Saudi Arabia.

Jelagat announced on Wednesday 14 September that she had been promised a competitive job in Qatar and due to financial difficulties at home, she gladly accepted the offer.

To gain her trust, the agent persuaded her to enroll in a one-month and two-week training course in hopes of qualifying to become a domestic worker in the Gulf state.

However, weeks before the exams, Jelagat learned that she was not destined for Saudi Arabia, and the job description also did not match the initial offer.

A screenshot of Nelly Chelagat at JKIA (left) and at Saudi Arabia (right)


She tried to approach the agent to correct the terms of service, but they couldn’t come to an agreement. She therefore decided to leave the learning center.

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The agents, she claimed, threatened to refund the money spent on her education. But with financial constraints, she failed to raise the money, forcing her to take the job.

“When the man approached me and said there was an opportunity in Qatar, all I thought about was my daughter, who is now in grade seven,” says Jalagat. Nation Africa.

“When they recruit people from the countryside, they lure you by lying that you are being taken to Qatar because they know the situation in Qatar is better, just that you are being taken to Saudi Arabia,” she added.

After landing in Saudi Arabia, the first two weeks were hospitable. She had a clear schedule and job descriptions. But then everything changed.

Jelagat said she was forced to clean mansionettes with more than 30 rooms a day while starving. She might as well be moved from one house to another while being forced to take on tasks she hadn’t signed up for.

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In one case, she was accused of theft by her employer in Saudi Arabia.

“In the house where I worked, the extended family lived together. I washed the whole house, which had 38 rooms, daily, but it also changed, and I would also wash another with more than 30 rooms. I tried to sue my boss, but nothing changed,” she recalls.

Jelagat was deported after spending more than five months in a hostel in Saudi Arabia. When she arrived in the countryside, she had lost everything, including her savings.

President William Ruto reads his speech at Kasarani Stadium after being sworn in as Kenya's fifth president on Tuesday, September 13, 2022

President William Ruto reads his speech at Kasarani Stadium after being sworn in as Kenya’s fifth president on Tuesday, September 13, 2022

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The controversial woman accused her agent of demanding Ksh 150,000 to pay for travel expenses, forcing her family to release all her savings. The agent reportedly disappeared with the money and only showed up when she ended up at JKIA.

Jelagat called on the government to rescue other domestic workers who were stranded in Saudi Arabia.

President William Ruto expressed his plans to end the suffering and mistreatment of workers in other countries by setting up the Ministry of Diaspora in his inauguration speech at Kasarani Stadium on Tuesday, September 13.

He argued that the decision to set up the ministry follows a series of complaints from TBEN in the diaspora.

“The focus has been on remittances, while their fundamental rights as citizens have been neglected. To correct this oversight, I promise to elevate diaspora issues at ministry level,” Ruto promised.