Triple H Confirms Brock Lesnar Was Upset When He Learned Vince McMahon Is Retiring From WWE


BT Sports’ Ariel Helwani interviewed WWE’s Head of Creative Triple H to discuss various topics ahead of tomorrow night’s Clash at the Castle.

We’ll have more later, but one of the things discussed was that Brock Lesnar was upset when he learned that Vince McMahon was retiring from WWE. The story, originally reported by Bryan Alvarez and Dave Meltzer, was corroborated by Triple H.

He said, ‘There’s a grain of truth in it, yes. You have to understand Brock’s relationship with Vince.”

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He continued: “Vince is the devil he knows. Brock is not a trusting person by nature, he doesn’t like people. He’s not a trusting person. I think that’s when you hear ‘Vince is out’. And what goes happening now? I’m out of here.”