Trump 3.0 flops as donors warn elected officials not to support him


Republican donors are already playing hard against Trump as they warn elected officials not to support the former president.

The Washington Post reported:

Some of the party’s top donors are also maintaining a wait-and-see attitude, not ready to coalesce around a single challenger — which many believe is ultimately the best strategy for defeating Trump — but also don’t want Trump to step down, according to people interacting with the contributors.

A Republican staffer with ties to donors said many are deterring some Republican elected officials from immediately supporting Trump by making it clear that doing so could cost them financial support for future bids for senior office or leadership positions.

There is a huge difference between waiting and seeing and doing and dying. It sounds like donors are warning elected officials that if they support Trump, their political careers may be over.

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Top Republicans also massively avoided Trump’s announcement. It’s hard to imagine that Republicans would have turned their backs on Trump if he had led to a red wave in the medium term.

Republicans won’t be able to pretend Trump doesn’t exist and hope he goes away.

If the Republicans can’t get the base away from Trump, all this attitude won’t matter, and Trump will be the 2024 nominee.