Trump and his lawyers embarrassed as judge fines them nearly $1 million for Hillary Clinton lawsuit


Federal Judge John Middlebrooks has fined Trump and his lawyers nearly $1 million for abusing the justice system with a frivolous lawsuit against Hillary Clinton.

TBEN reported:

A federal judge on Thursday imposed nearly $1 million in sanctions against former President Donald Trump and his attorney for filing a “frivolous” lawsuit against Hillary Clinton and others who alleged they tried to sideline the 2016 presidential election in Clinton’s favor. manipulate.

“This case should never have been brought,” U.S. District Court Judge John Middlebrooks for the Southern District of Florida wrote in his order approving Trump for the civil suit, which the judge had previously rejected.

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“Its insufficiency as a legal claim was clear from the start. No reasonable lawyer would have filed it. Intended for a political purpose, none of the counts of the amended complaint stated any discernible legal claim.

The purpose of such sanctions is to hopefully deter other lawyers from filing frivolous lawsuits on Trump’s behalf. The same judge quashed the lawsuit when he initially dismissed it, and attorneys who have filed lawsuits in other states based on Trump’s big lie have also been sanctioned.

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Trump accidentally admitted on Thursday that he had incited violence while trying to blame the media for using the term the big lie. Judges are tired of Trump trying to use their courtrooms as forums to make political points and gain publicity.

Donald Trump is not the president, so there is less tolerance for his abuse of the courts and general nonsense.

It’s been a humiliating month for Trump, and it could get worse soon.

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The judicial branch of government is the one that has consistently acted as a guardrail and opposed Trump.


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