Trump Attorneys Refuse to Provide Evidence to Special Master That Stolen Documents Have Been Released


Despite Trump’s numerous claims on social media and in interviews, and despite the fact that the document declassification does not apply to the crimes listed in the search warrant, Trump’s lawyers have never signed their names to any document alleging Trump to release the documents. With Judge Dearie asking for all the evidence regarding any release, Trump’s lawyers say it’s irrelevant. According to Politico:

The court-appointed “special master” who reviews documents seized by the FBI during the Aug. 8 search has asked the former president to release details of all the materials he claims to have released before calling them his property. .

In a lawsuit filed Monday, Trump’s attorneys urged Raymond Dearie, the senior federal judge in Brooklyn, to: part of his plan, including asking Trump for those details.

Making those public during the review, Trump’s attorneys said, was not a requirement of U.S. District Court Judge Aileen Cannon’s order to appoint Dearie special master. And, they added, it could hurt Trump’s defense against any upcoming criminal charges.


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In theory, revealing the evidence that Trump released the documents could (in theory) prevent possible impending criminal charges. In reality, the declassification has nothing to do with the crimes listed in the search warrant, but more importantly, the fact is that Trump and his lawyers are sure that he does not have the documents that harm Trump regarding any upcoming criminal charges. released. . It is safe to believe the many experts who have said that Trump has been unable to “release” these materials, all of which means Trump is lying when he mentions declassification. The more lies Trump tells, the easier it is to prove Trump’s state of mind and intent.

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It’s also why Trump’s lawyers want to avoid any situation where they have to sign a document stating that Trump released the materials.