Trump claims he verbally released US secrets he stole


In an interview with Hugh Hewitt, Donald Trump claimed that all the documents he stole had been released orally.

Hewitt tweeted:

Trump claimed during the interview that he “verbally declassified” all documents he stole from the United States government and that presidents have the “absolute right” to release anything they want.

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Presidents cannot orally release documents, and there are written and formal procedures that a president must go through by law to officially declassify a document.

A president has no absolute right to declassify anything, and some of the highest-ranking documents can only be released through a panel review process.

Trump released documents such as Michael Scott declared bankruptcy:

Trump’s lawyers refuse to claim Trump released the documents

Tellingly, despite Trump’s claims that he did nothing wrong and released the documents, the former president’s lawyers will not state that he released the documents in court. Trump’s lawyers know they could face criminal charges if they falsely claim that Trump released the documents.

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There is no evidence that Trump has released anything. If Trump had released the documents, there would have been a paper trail and no criminal investigation against him.

The documents have not been released and Trump’s only defense appears to be a lie.