Trump claims the FBI raided his house because they were looking for Hillary Clinton’s emails


Donald Trump claimed the FBI searched his house because they believed Hillary Clinton’s emails were there.


Trump said: “There is also a lot of speculation due to the gravity of the FBI invading Mar-a-Lago. Were they looking for Hillary Clinton’s e-mails that were being deleted, but they’re somewhere around… They may have thought they were there.”

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Donald Trump says the FBI searched his house because they thought he had Hillary Clinton’s emails.

There is no ongoing criminal investigation into Hillary Clinton, so the FBI would have no reason to search for her emails.

Trump has used the same playbook for the past seven years. He only has one or two moves. Discrediting the Justice Department has failed, so he has continued to try to blame Hillary Clinton for removing classified documents that made their way into his private residence.

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In the same interview, Trump claimed he could declassify documents by thinking about them.

The Republican Party will hand over its presidential nomination to this shell of a functional human being in less than two years.


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