Trump falls into Biden’s trap and hints he’s coming to Virginia to sabotage Glenn Youngkin


President Biden baited Trump by saying Republican Glenn Youngkin didn’t want him in the state. Trump responded by suggesting he would come to Virginia.

Video of President Biden campaigning for Terry McAuliffe in Virginia:

The President said:

And here’s what else you should be thinking about. Terry’s opponent has taken all his private oaths of loyalty to Donald Trump. But what’s really interesting to me: He won’t be standing next to Donald Trump now that the campaign is on.

Think about it. He will not allow Donald Trump to campaign for him in this state. And he’s ready to pledge his loyalty to Trump in private, why not in public? What is he trying to hide? Is Trump’s presence here a problem? Is he embarrassed?

Trump reacted by falling into the trap

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Much like Pennywise from It, Trump responded from his dark and damp corner of the internet, “Singing, we love Trump in Arlington, Virginia. Thanks, Arlington, see you soon!

In case you didn’t know what that tortured and fractured salad of words meant, Donald Trump is reacting to reports from the conservative media that we loved Trump chants during Biden’s appearance for McAuliffe.

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Glenn Youngkin has made it clear that he does not want Trump to approach his campaign in Virginia. The Lincoln Project came out with a new ad that pushed Trump’s buttons.

The best way to ensure Virginia still has a Democratic governor is to allow Donald Trump and his corrupt circus to take up residence in the state.

Democrats know that if Trump shows his face in Virginia, Youngkin will be doomed, so Joe Biden has set a trap and Donald Trump appears to be falling into it.

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