Trump had top-secret papers on foreign nations’ nuclear defenses, report says


The FBI seized files describing the nuclear capabilities of a foreign country when its agents executed a search warrant at Donald Trump’s resort and residence in Mar-a-Lago last month. The Washington Post reported on Tuesday.

The staggering implications of such documents — which are classified at some of the highest levels that exist in federal law — being kept in a private residence where concerns have been raised about the organization and security of their safekeeping cannot be overstated. The revelation provides the public with the clearest insight yet into why U.S. intelligence agencies should make an assessment of potential national security risks in the wake of the FBI raid.

If true, the report also nullifies any defense of Trump and his allies who allege that the documents seized by the FBI were harmless and intended solely for his use in a memoir, presidential library, or other project. It’s hard to imagine a former president having such information to hand.

Trump’s closest defenders have been making such arguments for weeks — Senator Marco Rubio, who represents the state in which the raid took place, said this week the investigation was just a dossier issue. Tuesday’s disclosure by the Post would put the Justice Department squarely in the area of ​​investigating possible mishandling of classified material, not to mention the record violations Trump could also be accused of.

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TBEN has contacted the former president’s office for comment.

In the weeks since the FBI raid, Mr. Trump has repeatedly lashed out at the Biden administration, and especially the federal law enforcement apparatus, for his latest legal predicament. At a recent meeting in Pennsylvania alongside his chosen candidates in key state races, the former president denounced what he said were “cruel” actions by the DoJ.

Adding to his anger at the agencies is the recent revelation from Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg that his company and Twitter voluntarily censored news on their platforms regarding a laptop previously owned by Hunter Biden during the 2020 election. Conservatives claimed. long that the computer contained incriminating information (although Biden is not charged with crimes by law enforcement) and Mr. Trump himself has recently espoused the belief that the story’s inability to reach more voters cost him votes in the 2020 election.

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The former president also harbors hatred for the DoJ and the FBI over their investigations into his 2016 presidential campaign and the unprecedented attempt by Russian agents to damage the reputation and candidacy of his opponent, Hillary Clinton.

However, he has not provided a coherent explanation as to why classified material was in his private residence and resort in Florida, preferring instead to make baseless accusations in a similar vein against his predecessor, Barack Obama.

Mr. Trump, along with his allies, including Marjorie Taylor Greene, has also unleashed with scathing criticism after criticisms of the FBI, which the agency warned along with the Department of Homeland Security last month, sparked a rise in threats of violence against federal agents. and properties. An FBI office in Ohio was even attacked, leading to the suspected attacker’s death in a firefight with law enforcement.

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The political implications of impeaching a former president, particularly one who is considered a leading candidate for his party in the next presidential cycle, are now held in high esteem by political analysts in the Washington media as well as prosecutors at the Justice Department, who adhere to an unwritten rule not to take politically sensitive actions during election seasons.

One possible response to such an act by the Justice Department was outlined by GOP Senator Lindsey Graham, who recently predicted “riots” in the streets if Donald Trump were to face criminal charges. His words were called a veiled threat by his enemies on the left, while Mr. Graham defended them as an honest representation of the reality of the situation.

The documents seized by FBI agents will now be handed over to a court-appointed special captain unless the Justice Department appeals a decision by Judge Aileen Cannon to admit the unnamed official. allow them to check for privileged information or files. DoJ officials have said they are weighing their options.