Trump is completely melting as Congress plans to end its coup in 2024


Trump has spent years laying the groundwork for another coup in 2024, and he’s not happy that Congress appears to be passing legislation to stop him.

Trump wrote on “Truth” Social:

Corrupt Democrats and RINOs (including 40-point loser Liz Cheney) have passed the “Presidential Election Reform Act” in the House, making it “impossible” for a vice president to cure electoral fraud and malfeasance. These same people have been shouting that Mike Pence had NO power to do the right thing, sending it back to the United States to investigate widespread election fraud. It is now clear that he could and should have done it, otherwise why would they need a new law? Also, the bill may be unconstitutional!

The Senate has not yet released its final version of the Electoral Count Act reform bill, but the bipartisan House version is constitutional because it includes federal certification and Electoral College counting results.

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Trump’s claim that Pence should have broken the law and overthrow the government before him reveals that if he is the Republican nominee in 2024, Trump intends to pressure state election officials to overturn the results and give him the call the winner if he loses.

He will no longer be able to do that when the reformed Electoral Count Act comes into effect. Mitch McConnell supports the Senate version of the reform of the Electoral Count Act and urges Republicans to work with Democrats to come up with a bipartisan bill.

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Trump knows he cannot win a majority in legitimate elections. That’s why he spent his entire presidency trying to convince the nation that his loss of 3 million votes to Hillary Clinton was a landslide victory.

If Congress shuts down its coup path, which could also be its path to avoid a criminal conviction, Trump will have no choice but to run and lose again in 2024.

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