Trump lawyers won’t reveal which Mar-a-Lago documents he claims to have released


Donald Trump’s lawyers said in a filing Monday night that they do not want to reveal to a court-appointed special master what Mar-a-Lago documents they believe the former president has or has not released.

In a four-page letter to the special master, Trump’s attorneys opposed the apparent proposal by U.S. District Judge Raymond Dearie to provide him with “specific information about declassification” in the course of his review.

Dearie issued an injunction Friday calling both sides to the federal courthouse in Brooklyn, New York, for a preparatory conference Tuesday.

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Trump’s attorneys have argued that until or unless they decide to challenge the FBI’s search warrant or if they decide to present it as a defense following a possible charge, they should not release details of release that would also be shared with the Ministry of Justice.

On his Truth Social platform last month, Trump said, “It was all released.” But legal experts have pointed out that it may not be relevant whether the documents have been released or not, depending on the charges, if any.

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In their own letter to Dearie on Monday, Justice Department attorneys suggested that the special master review of the unclassified material begin immediately by scanning all seized documents and feeding Trump’s legal team about 500 pages a day. review them and mark them as privileged or not. prosecutors can agree or disagree and forward them to the special captain for his final decision.

Federal prosecutors also suggested that among the seized materials also “[n]op-documentary items (e.ggarments)” that would be submitted to Trump’s counsel and the Special Captain for review at the FBI’s field office in Washington.

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A separate federal judge set Nov. 30 as a TBEN for Dearie to complete his assessment and classifications, though the two sides have differing views on assessment deadlines and challenges to be argued within the window.