Trump plans three executions before Biden, who opposes the death penalty, takes power.


In the final weeks of President Trump’s tenure, his administration plans to execute three Federal Death Ward inmates, the latest executions planned by the Justice Department ahead of President-elect Joseph R. Biden’s inauguration. Jr., who announced he would end the federal government. the use of the death penalty.

Since July, when it resumed application of the death penalty after a 17-year hiatus, the Trump administration has executed seven federal detainees. Weeks before Mr Biden’s swearing-in, the three inmates risk being the last federal prisoners to die of capital punishment for at least as long as Mr Biden remains in office.

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Orlando Cordia Hall, 49, sentenced for the brutal death of a teenage girl, is due to be executed on Thursday. Two more prisoners are due to be executed in December, including Lisa M. Montgomery, the only woman on federal death row.

Mr. Biden has pledged to eliminate the death penalty. His campaign vowed to work to pass legislation to end the death penalty federally and offer incentives for states to follow suit. An aide reiterated Mr Biden’s platform when asked how he plans to do it and did not respond to requests for comment on planned executions.

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Mr. Trump’s Justice Department resumed federal capital punishment this summer after an informal moratorium of almost two decades. Previously, only three people had been executed by the federal government in the past 50 years, according to Bureau of Prisons data.

Federal executions during a power transition are extremely unusual, according to Robert Dunham, executive director of the Information Center on the Death Penalty. He said presidents have generally turned over to new administrations.

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“It’s another part of Trump’s legacy that is incompatible with American standards,” he said. “If the administration followed the normal rules of civility that have been followed throughout the history of this country, that wouldn’t be a problem. The executions would not take place. “

The Justice Ministry did not respond to requests for comment on the execution schedule.