Trump supporter wearing horn hat who raped US Capitol didn’t eat food in jail because it’s not organic


In a shocking incident on January 6, massive violence erupted on Capitol Hill, when an aggressive group of Trump supporters stormed the premises to stop Congressional certification of the U.S. Democratic President-elect. Joe Biden as the winner. During the protest, a young man stood out in a horn hat, who was later identified as Jake Angeli and is now in custody.

According to a report by US publisher ABC15, the public defender told Judge Deborah Fine in court on Monday that Chansley was on an extremely restrictive diet, possibly for religious reasons, and had not eaten since he had been eating. had been arrested.

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The publication also quoted his mother Martha Chansley as saying he gets sick if he doesn’t eat organic food. “He gets very sick if he doesn’t eat organic food – he will literally be physically ill,” she said.

On January 6, the US Department of Justice said Chansley surrendered after calling the FBI office in Washington and said he had come as part of a group effort with other “ patriots. from Arizona.

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Several photographs of the violence site revealed that Angeli violently entered the Capitol building with other protesters. He was also spotted on the dais of the US Senate, where he posed for a photo stretching out his right arm while holding an American flag in his left hand.

Chansley applauded the breach of the Capitol building saying: “The fact that we had a group of traitors in power, curled up, put on gas masks and take refuge in their underground bunker, I consider it to be. a victory, “he told NBC News, the accused now faces several federal charges.

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This isn’t the first time Chansley has been involved in such protests, earlier in 2019 he was found protesting outside the Arizona Capitol shouting about various conspiracy tales, most of them related with very diverse beliefs supporting QAnon.



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