Tucker Carlson guest claims Ukraine nearly defeated – despite successes against Russia


A guest of Tucker Carlson claimed that Ukraine was nearing defeat, despite the fact that the country launched a large-scale counter-offensive that has freed large parts of the country from Russian control.

Carlson’s top war expert, retired Colonel Douglas MacGregor, told viewers of the right-wing TBEN News show that “this war may be over soon.:”

“Right now things are going very, very bad,” he told Ukraine on Friday night’s show, calling them “desperate”.

And Colonel MacGregor, a former defense secretary in the Trump administration, even added: “They’re losing again just south of Kharkov.”

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According to reports from Ukraine, the country’s armed forces have expelled Russian troops from an area in the northeast of the country around Kharkov.

The Ukrainian advance began late last week and accelerated over the weekend, with Russia reportedly abandoning military vehicles and equipment in their haste to retreat.

The Ukrainian Defense Ministry posted a video of such vehicles on Twitter on Sunday.

“Russia is trying to maintain its status as the largest supplier of military equipment to the Ukrainian army, and even improve its status, knowing that loan lease will come into effect soon. #UAarmy loves its trophy ammo,” the tweet read.

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Since the Russian invasion of Ukraine in February, Carlson has been repeatedly accused of taking pro-Vladimir Putin and Moscow positions on his show.

In March, the Kremlin told Russian state media it should include Carlson’s commentary on the war Mother Jones.

Carlson himself has denied being pro-Russia, telling a conference in July that he “somehow doesn’t really care” what Putin is doing in Ukraine.

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“I am not a Putin defender, despite what you may have heard,” Carlson told the Family Leadership Summit in Iowa.

“Somehow I don’t care because he’s not my president, he’s not the president of my country.”

And he added: “What he is doing in Ukraine, while I think historically important, especially important for Ukrainians, is no more important to me than what gas costs. In fact, it’s not even in the same universe.”