Tuesday night UK press briefing: Summer break – all is not lost


Meanwhile, a senior official at the European Medicines Agency (EMA) said there is a link between the Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine and blood clots.

Marco Cavaleri said an association was now “clear”, but experts were still unsure of the cause. EMA has yet to make an announcement.

The British regulator is investigating seven deaths of people who had recently received the blow. We asked UK experts if the security concerns were justified.

Former Sturgeon aide to vote for Salmond’s new party

Nicola Sturgeon’s closest aide for more than a decade has announced that he is voting for Alex Salmond’s new independent party in the Holyrood election next month. Noel Dolan has said he will support the Alba party on the regional list ballot. His intervention is deeply embarrassing to Ms Sturgeon, as he was her most trusted advisor before his retirement. Just a month away from the Scottish elections, Deputy Political Editor Lucy fisher explains in this video why Scotland poses an ‘existential threat’ to Boris Johnson’s post as Prime Minister – and how he plans to save the Union.

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Yorkshire Shepherdess Parenting Course

Most kids get a helping hand with everything these days. Things are different at Ravenseat, the farm where Amanda Owen and her husband Clive raise 1,000 sheep and nine children. When the Yorkshire Shepherdess – who stars with her family on Channel 5’s hugely popular show Our Yorkshire Farm – says something about parenting, it’s worth listening to. Desperate for the “snowflake” generation, she revealed her guide to raising children healthily… by hook or by crook.

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At a glance: Coronavirus evening briefing

Also in the news: other headlines of the day

Friday night dinner star dies | Actor Paul Ritter has died at the age of 54 from a brain tumor. He had appeared in films and shows such as Harry Potter, Chernobyl, Vera and James Bond. But he was best known for his role as the patriarch of the Martin Goodman family in the Channel 4 comedy Friday Night Dinner. Read Mr. Ritter’s biography and tributes.

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All over the world: entire villages swept away

Rescue teams rush to find survivors after a tropical cyclone triggered flash floods and landslides on remote islands in southeast Indonesia over the weekend, killing more than 160 people . Dozens of people remain missing after high winds and torrential rains from Cyclone Seroja uprooted trees, crushed homes and, in some cases, washed away entire villages. Read our Asia correspondent report Nicola smith.

Tuesday Interview: Leslie Jordan – “ If you’re embarrassed, don’t get into comedy ”

Late actor Leslie Jordan chats with Louis wise on Hollywood homophobia, alcoholism – and why he loves the Princess Royal. Read the full interview.



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