Turkey again asks for legal aid against man from Tampere who killed Erdoğan . offended


The Pirkanmaa court has previously rejected similar requests from Turkey on the grounds that the Tampere man would not receive a fair trial in Turkey and would be subject to human rights violations.

Turkish President Erdoğan has called on Finland and Sweden to extradite dozens of people they believe are terrorists to join NATO. Image: Burak Akbulut / AOP

Turkey is again trying to hold a dual citizenship of Turkey and Finland living in Tampere responsible for insulting its president Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

The latest MLA request came to the Finnish Ministry of Justice shortly after Erdoğan began publicly setting out the conditions for his country to support Finland’s membership in NATO.

Turkey has previously requested the extradition of the man from Tampere, but the Ministry of Justice rejected the request in 2021. The request for mutual legal assistance dates from May 23 in Turkey.

The man is accused by Turkey of posting derogatory photos of the president and derogatory comments about him on Facebook, the prosecutor said. The Tampere man has repeatedly denied the crime.

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On June 27, several Turkish media published a list of individuals Turkey wants to extradite Finland and Sweden as “terrorists” or suspects of other crimes. Although this man from Tampere is not alleged to be a terrorist, he is on the list of suspects for defamation against the Turkish president.

The Justice Ministry has received two extradition requests from Turkey this year, but they were submitted before Finland applied for NATO entry.

However, there have been several requests for legal aid since Erdoğan began imposing conditions on Finland. Taina Neira of the Ministry of Justice says these requests do not refer to a list published in the Turkish media.

Turkey once asked for the man from Tampere to be extradited, but the Justice Ministry turned down the request in 2021.

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The Pirkanmaa Court has rejected previous requests for legal aid from Turkey in 2019 and 2021.

With the current request for legal aid, the Turkish prosecutor is asking Finland for legal aid to continue the trial of the man from Tampere in Turkey.

Turkey has not extended his extradition request, but wants the Finnish court to summon the man to appear in the case.

Request rejected twice for human rights violation

The Finnish law on international mutual legal assistance in criminal matters states that legal aid may not be provided if it would be contrary to the principles of human rights and fundamental freedoms. The latest request for legal aid from Turkey has not yet been opened.

According to previous requests for legal assistance from Turkey, the alleged crimes took place in February 2016. The Turkish public prosecutor already filed a complaint against the man from Tampere in Turkey in December 2016.

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In its decision on the second request for legal aid, the Pirkanmaa Court ruled that granting legal aid would violate the principles of human rights and fundamental freedoms as a result of the Turkish Criminal Code, putting the case under direct influence. of the Turkish president.

While the court noted that the Tampere man’s writings were vulgar, they were clearly directed against the Turkish regime and political system and did not constitute defamation.

According to the court, the writings can be judged as provocative comments related to political disagreements and thus considered understandable.

The court ruled that the political nature of the Tampere man’s writings would hinder his chances of a fair trial in Turkey. The court has therefore not granted previous requests for legal aid from Turkey.

The court previously ruled that providing legal aid to Turkey would violate the principles of human rights and fundamental freedoms of the Finnish legal system.


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