Twice as many families struggle with shelter than last year, Dallas nonprofit reports


DALLAS (TBEN) It seems that prices are going up for just about everything and as we learn it puts some people in a really bad situation.

Dallas-based social agency Family Gateway says their data in the first six months of this year shows they had twice as many requests for help, twice as many families sleeping in cars and motels, and five times as many families living around the same time last year. time were turned off.

“What all of that comes down to is pre-pandemic. We saw about 30 families a month that absolutely needed shelter. Last year it was about 40 new families a month, and this year it’s about 50 families a month,” Family Gateway CEO Ellen Magnis said.

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Their shelters are full and now they have to tap into their reserves. This month alone, they paid $50,000 for additional hotel rooms for families.

“That’s just not a sustainable amount of money for us to shell out, so we wanted to make sure everyone knew this is a real problem in our community,” Magnis said.

It’s a problem. Councilor Cara Mendelsohn said the City Office for Homeless Solutions is also reporting. On Twitter, the writing of emergency shelters is full. She asks neighboring towns to act.

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Family Gateway asks for monetary donations, sheets, pillows, blankets, towels and toiletries.

In the long run, they say there should be more affordable housing and a clear path to better-paying jobs.

Priscilla Ybarra is not homeless, but given the current situation, she tries to save where she can. Thursday night, she attended a back-to-school backpack distribution event hosted by Buckner International for 400 students in west Dallas.

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“I’m a single mother of three, so anything I can get now is a big help,” she said.

“Backpacks aren’t cheap, trust me, sometimes backpacks go for $20 each and I have three.”

According to the organizers, research shows that about 25% of parents expect to pay more than $500 in school supplies this year.