Typhoon Nanmadol tears through Japanese archipelago, 2 dead


Typhoon Nanmadol swept across the Japanese archipelago toward the Pacific Ocean, weakening to a low-pressure system Tuesday after it battered the southwest with heavy rains and caused landslides, killing two people, one missing and injuring more than 100.

After traveling along the coast of the Sea of ​​Japan, the typhoon swept through the northeastern region of the country’s largest main island, Honshu, early Tuesday, with the weather bureau warning of high winds, high tides and possible landslides in areas already affected by the earthquake. heavy rainfall.

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The season’s 14th typhoon was one of the strongest storms the country has ever seen as it hit southwestern Kyushu on Sunday, bringing unprecedented winds and intense rainfall.

In Miyazaki prefecture, a man was found dead after his mountainside cabin was destroyed by a mudslide.

A man went missing in Hiroshima and at least 115 people were injured, according to prefectural governments and the disaster relief agency.

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More than 100,000 homes were still without power as of 11 a.m., Kyushu Electric Power Co said.

Firefighters search for a missing man at the site of a mudslide in Mimata, Miyazaki Prefecture, on Sept. 19, 2022. (TBEN)

Landslides and a fallen bridge were confirmed in the mountainous area of ​​Miyazaki Prefecture, while some of the Hikone Castle structures, designated an Important Cultural Property, in Shiga Prefecture were found damaged.

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For Tuesday, the Japan Meteorological Agency predicts wind speeds of up to 108 kilometers per hour in northeastern Japan and waves up to 7 meters in western Japan, covering Osaka.

In central and eastern Japan, including Tokyo, 80mm of rain was expected for the 24 hours through Wednesday afternoon, and 60mm in the northeast.

People walk with umbrellas in front of JR Sendai Station in Sendai on September 20, 2022. (TBEN)