Uber Eats creates new revenue stream for its drivers in South Africa


Uber Eats says it is partnering with MotionAds, owner of delivery bike media, to offer delivery drivers the opportunity to generate additional revenue through top box advertising in South Africa.

The branded bikes will hit the streets in June 2022, and Uber Eats delivery drivers – in more than seven cities – can choose to have their delivery bike top cases printed through MotionAds. Revenue from these brand placements is expected to increase their net income by about 10%, according to the food delivery app.

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This, it said, will create a new source of income for delivery drivers against the backdrop of inflationary pressures that come with the cost of running their businesses. “We are excited to partner with MotionAds as our platform only succeeds when the deliverers succeed. Our commitment to delivery drivers is to constantly find ways to help them maximize their revenue potential by helping them make the most of their time on the road,” said Charles Mhango, head of operations for Sub-Saharan Africa at Uber Eats.

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MotionAds offers brands a moveable billboard solution, digital cycling motion reporting and in-home flyer drop campaigns.

“From an advertising perspective, deliverers provide brands with an impactful new advertising channel. They have unique access to the kitchen table and given the time bikes spend on the road, brands benefit from the significant exposure they generate. Our research shows that one bike gets an average of 300,000 ‘eyeballs’ per month,” said Elan Band, co-founder of MotionAds.

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Uber said its commitment goes beyond improving earning opportunities. The safety of deliverers remains a top priority, with several safety features to support their business. Some of these features include an in-app button for private emergency assistance, a helmet detection and safety checklist, and 24/7 in-app support.

In addition, deliverers have Partner Injury Protection from AIG Insurance that covers them from the moment a delivery request is accepted.

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