UCT Online High School Launches Adult Matric Program


The University of Cape Town’s online secondary school says it offers a complementary curriculum in the form of Cambridge Assessment International Education – priced at R3,300 per month.

The UCT Online High School ecosystem is designed to serve South African learners with a wide range of socio-economic resources. It offers a CAPS focused curriculum, giving students in grades 8-11 in every corner of the world the opportunity to study at a monthly fee of R2,195 per month, making it one of the most affordable private schools in the country is. Group 12 will be offered from 2023.

“Cambridge International is one of the world’s most prestigious international curricula, recognized by more than 2,000 tertiary institutions around the world, including all major local universities,” said UCT.

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The qualification has its roots in Africa through UCT, with plans to expand to the rest of the continent in due course.

“With nearly one million students in 10,000 schools in 160 countries, a Cambridge International qualification is a powerful global passport to the future. As the most affordable, fully accredited Cambridge International school in Africa, UCT Online High School is proud to offer this qualification to students in South Africa and beyond.

“They are starting with South Africa’s closest neighbors and looking to expand their reach to the rest of the African continent in the near future.”

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In addition to the Cambridge International qualification, UCT Online High School will launch an adult matric program entirely online and part-time.

“At any given time, approximately 250,000 people are working on a matric certificate outside of the full-time in-school system. Since an average of 800,000 candidates take matric exams each year, this means that about a third of the total matric cohort are ‘on the fringe’ or ‘non-traditional’ students,” UCT said.

“A matric certificate can change the future of young and old people, by signaling their knowledge and skills to employers, creating pathways to further education and ultimately their chances of finding work, keeping a job and earning a increase salary.”

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UCT launched its Online High School in 2022, becoming the first university in the country and continent to expand its services online to the secondary education market. The school was built specifically for South African students to work towards their National Senior Certificate anywhere in the country.

As part of its original offering, it also launched the free curriculum of UCT Online High School, a free online school platform that allows any guardian, student or educator to access their full CAPS (National Senior Certificate) curriculum.

The school says it has processed 5,000 CAPS students.

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