Ukraine-Russia war: Putin addresses nation as he prepares to annex more of Ukraine


VLadimir Putin will only give up his “imperial ambitions” that risk destroying Ukraine and Russia if he recognizes he cannot win the war, German Chancellor Olaf Scholz said on Tuesday.

Speaking in his maiden speech to the United Nations General Assembly, Mr Scholz said: “This is why we do not accept any peace dictated by Russia and therefore Ukraine must be able to repel Russia’s attack.”

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The return of imperialism, with Putin’s war on Ukraine, was a disaster not only for Europe, but also for the global rule-based peace order, the chancellor said. He called on the UN to defend this against those who prefer a world where the “strong rule over the weak”.

“Do we watch helplessly as some want to catapult us back into a world order where war is a common political means, independent nations must align with their stronger neighbors or colonial masters, and prosperity and human rights are a privilege for the lucky few?” asked Mr. Scholz.

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“Or do we succeed together to ensure that the multipolar world of the 21st century remains a multilateral world? My answer, as a German and European, is: we have to manage it.”