Ukraine says its troops threaten Russians in Donbas


Kiev – Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy has vowed that the battle to regain territory lost to Russia would not be halted when Kiev reported that its troops had moved to the east bank of the Oskil River and Russian occupation forces in the Donbas threatened.

Crossing the Oskil is another major milestone in Ukraine’s counter-offensive in the northeastern region of Kharkov, as it flows south to the Siversky Donets River, which cuts through Luhansk, one of the two provinces in the Donbas River. region.

Ukrainian troops “crossed the Oskil. As of yesterday, Ukraine will control the eastern bank,” Ukraine’s armed forces wrote on Telegram late on Sunday.

Serhiy Gaidai, governor of the Luhansk region, wrote on Telegram: “The Luhansk region is next door. Decoccupation is not far away.”

Zelenskyy promised to continue the pressure on Moscow after Ukraine’s swift victories in Kharkov this month.

“Perhaps some of you have the impression that after a string of victories we now have a kind of silence,” he said in his regular nighttime address on Sunday. “But there will be no rest. Preparations are underway for the next series… For Ukraine, it must be free. Everything.”

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President Joe Biden also said Ukraine’s victory meant removing Russian troops from across the country, and pledged US support for as long as needed.

“Winning the war in Ukraine is to get Russia completely out of Ukraine and recognize its sovereignty. They’re beating Russia,” he said in an interview with TBEN’s “60 Minutes” broadcast on Sunday.

“Russia turns out not to be as competent and capable as many people thought they would be.”

Russian artillery shelled towns and villages along the front lines to the east and south on Sunday, including civilian infrastructure in the city of Zaporizhzhya, Ukrainian officials said.

Britain said Russian forces have expanded attacks on civilian infrastructure after setbacks on the battlefield and are likely to expand their targets further.

“While facing setbacks on the front lines, Russia has likely expanded the sites it is prepared to attack in an effort to directly undermine the morale of the Ukrainian people and government,” the Defense Ministry said. .

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Ukraine’s southern command said on Monday that attacks have also been carried out on a radar station near Kherson and on a pontoon crossing at Nova Kakhovka east of Kherson, where a Ukrainian counter-offensive has targeted bridges over the Dnipro and Dnipro rivers. Inhulets.

Reuters was unable to independently verify the battlefield reports.

On Friday, Russian President Vladimir Putin brushed aside Ukraine’s swift counter-offensive and said Moscow would respond more vigorously if its forces were put under further pressure.

Such repeated threats have raised concerns that Putin might at some point turn to small nuclear weapons or chemical warfare.

US President Joe Biden, when asked what he would say to Putin if he considers using such weapons, replied in the TBEN interview ’60 Minutes’: ‘Don’t. do not. do not. It would change the face of war like nothing since World War II.”

Some military analysts have said Russia could also stage a nuclear incident at the Zaporizhzhya nuclear power plant, which is owned by Russia but run by Ukrainian personnel.

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Moscow and Kiev have accused each other of shelling around the factory that has damaged buildings and disrupted power lines needed to keep it cool and safe.

US Army General Mark Milley, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, called for vigilance on Sunday after a visit to a base in Poland that aided Ukraine’s war effort.

“The war is not going well for Russia at the moment, so it is our duty to maintain a high level of preparedness and vigilance,” he said after his trip to the base, which reporters traveling with him were asked not to worry about. identify.

With battlefield losses mounting, the Russian military is looking for contract soldiers for what it calls the “special military operation” in Ukraine, offering nearly $3,000 a month in incentive.

A special unit stationed a recruiting truck in the southern city of Rostov over the weekend and masked soldiers handed out brochures entitled “Military Service on Contract – A Real Man’s Choice.”

The report that Ukraine says its troops are threatening Russians in Donbas appeared first on NBC News.


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