Ukraine war: Biden warns Putin against using nuclear weapons



Biden warns Putin against using nuclear weapons: “Don’t do it – it will have serious consequences”

Washington has provided Ukraine with $15 billion worth of arms and equipment since the war began. But Kyiv wants more. And US President Joe Biden is hesitant.

The Ukrainian armed forces are advancing in the east of the country. Now President Volodymyr Zelensky is demanding new weapon systems from the allies.

Anastasia Vlasova / EPO

The American President sticks to Ukraine. “As long as it is necessary,” Washington will support the allies in the fight against the Russian invading army, said Joe Biden in a television interview broadcast on TBEN on Sunday. This promise is absolutely watertight, even if the Democrat in the White House once again confirmed on the show “60 Minutes” that the deployment of US troops in Ukraine is not up for debate. (In complete contrast to its ally Taiwan: the Asian island republic would have military support from the US if China invaded the country, said Biden.)

Biden’s assurances don’t seem to go far enough for the Ukrainian president. Volodymyr Zelensky is aiming for a faster rearmament of his armed forces. He begs the United States for short-range ballistic missiles that could help Ukraine recapture previously occupied territory in the south of the country, including the Crimean Peninsula, which has been occupied and annexed since 2014.

But America’s president is hesitating, as the New York Times reports. Because Biden and his advisors in the Defense Ministry are afraid that the delivery of the ATACMS (Army Tactical Missile System) weapon system, whose missiles have a range of 300 kilometers, could unnecessarily provoke the Russian ruler Vladimir Putin. “Ukraine’s success on the battlefield could leave Russia feeling cornered, and we need to keep that in mind,” the Times quoted Colin Kahl, the Pentagon’s chief strategic officer.

In addition, Ukraine does not rely on the ATACMS short-range missiles to hit targets that are “immediately relevant” to the current offensive, as Kahl says. The HIMARS (High Mobility Artillery Rocket System) rocket launchers that have already been delivered already serve this purpose.

Already delivered weapons worth 15 billion dollars

This position is not only met with opposition in Ukraine, but also among American politicians. A number of lawmakers since the invasion began have said that Kyiv has the right to defend itself and that Biden is too hesitant to move forward — despite supplying more than $15 billion in arms and equipment. Democrats and Republicans are calling for upgrading Ukraine’s armed forces with longer-range fighter jets and missiles — especially now that Ukraine is on the march. and recover occupied territory.

Biden, on the other hand, seems to take the view that a disgraced Putin could go to extremes. The Pentagon fears a further escalation of brutal retaliatory strikes against civilian targets or targeted attacks on Ukraine’s political leaders.

Washington also seems to think that the Russian president could resort to nuclear weapons if necessary. In the television show “60 Minutes”, Biden therefore issued a clear warning to Putin. “Don’t do it,” he said several times to the Russian president. Biden said Putin would “change the face of war” like never before since World War II if he used nuclear weapons. And although the US President refused to speculate about possible American retaliation, he said: “It will be momentous.”


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