UN watchdog confirms another Iranian violation of nuclear deal


DUBAI: The Yemeni interior ministry said the missiles that were used to attack Aden airport last month were ballistic, Al-Arabiya TV reported.
They were launched from a site 100 kilometers from the airport, in areas controlled by the Houthis, the report added.
The ministry said that “Iranian and Lebanese experts” are behind the missiles that were used in the attack.
On December 30, a deadly rocket attack rocked Aden Airport moments after a plane carrying Yemeni cabinet members arrived on a flight from the Saudi capital Riyadh.
No one claimed responsibility. But the Yemeni government quickly accused the Houthi rebels and their backers, the Iranian government, of being behind the airport attack and a drone assault on Mashiq Palace in Aden shortly after the prime minister’s transfer and of his cabinet.
Prime Minister Maeen Abdulmalik Saeed said the deadly blast was carried out using three precision-guided missiles.
Houthi officials have denied being behind the attack and sought to blame unspecified groups within the Arab-led coalition. Houthi leaders have presented no evidence or responded to requests for comment.

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