‘Unacceptable’: Chelsea vs Liverpool stopped after seven minutes due to frozen pitch


Chelsea manager Emma Hayes said the pitch was “unplayable” and said it should never have started in the first place, revealing that officials had previously ruled the pitch was not in condition to start the game as early as 9.30am. organize because of the night frost.

“Where do you start? You could see from the first minutes it was like an ice rink down the sides and to be honest Matt Beard (Liverpool’s director of football) is angry that it has even come to that and he’s right because it’s not for managers to to decide. That’s for the FA, it’s for officials to determine if it goes through.

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“We had the heaters on and whatever, I think we have to start telling ourselves here that we need bottom heating if we want to take our game seriously. Yes, we can have blowers and put up tents or whatever, but it won’t be enough – it’s -1 degree – and it’s the right decision.

“Everyone wants to start the game, but if you have moves from one team wanting to play and another team not wanting to play, that’s why you have to have outside parties there. There’s no FA here and they have to be at our games to make those decisions. feed.

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“It started at 9:30 am, she [the officials] said it wasn’t playable but let’s try until 2pm and there was a certain section at that point that was only quite hard so they put the blazers on and tested them all over and it wasn’t too bad. But as soon as you take the covers off, it’s a different situation, and besides, the temperatures changed – it’s an unusual situation. Once your feet are on the grass you can sometimes break the frost, but it’s a block below that and it’s unplayable.”

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