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If you’re a business owner, you know it can be difficult to separate your personal expenses from your business expenses. the American Express Business Green Rewards Card comes with tools to help owners track their business expenses, including employee expenses, as well as the ability to earn versatile Membership Rewards points from American Express on every purchase. Conditions apply.

Here’s a look at the well-known reasons for getting this card, followed by a look at the underrated reasons as well.

The well-known reasons

  • Welcome bonus: Earn 15,000 Membership Rewards® points after spending $ 3,000 on qualifying purchases with the Business Green Rewards card in the first 3 months after joining the card. Conditions apply. (This offer is no longer valid on our site)

  • 2 points for every dollar billed on AmEx Travel.

  • 1 point per dollar on all other purchases.

  • Points can be used for travel, statement credits and purchases.

  • Points can be transferred to 19 partner airlines.

  • Annual contribution of $ 0 intro for the first year, then $ 95 (This offer is no longer valid on our site.).

The underestimated reasons

If you are planning to apply for this card, these well known reasons may be all you need. But when you compare this card to other options, there are some underrated benefits that you should keep in mind.

No preset limit on how much you can spend

Most cards have a hard cap on how much you can charge, which can be a problem for a business owner with occasional large purchases. the American Express Business Green Rewards Card does not come with a preset spending limit. Instead, the amount you can charge may increase as AmEx takes into account factors like purchase history, payment history, and credit score. Conditions apply.

Employee cards at no additional cost

If you want employees to be able to debit your account, you can issue cards to them at no additional cost. You will earn membership rewards for every purchase made and you will have control over their spending. You can set account alerts to help you keep tabs on charges. Conditions apply.

Dedicated account manager

If you are a very busy business owner, you need some help to keep things running smoothly. American Express allows you to delegate an account manager to manage your finances, which means that your assistant, accountant, business partner, spouse or other trusted source will be able to take care of things while you are away.

Travel with peace of mind

When you or your employees travel and use your American Express Business Green Rewards Card, you will benefit from certain travel protections.

  • Loss and Damage Insurance for Car Rental: Use your card to rent a car and refuse insurance over the counter, and in many countries you will get secondary coverage on the car.

  • Luggage insurance: Use your card to pay for the trip and your baggage is covered for up to $ 1,250 for carry-on baggage and $ 500 for checked baggage.

  • Global Support Hotline: 24/7 emergency assistance when traveling more than 160 km from home.

Buy protections

Need to make a major purchase for your business, such as electronics or furniture? Your American Express Business Green Rewards Card can help protect your investment. If the item has a manufacturer’s warranty of five years or less, AmEx will extend that protection for up to an additional year.

Even if your item is stolen or damaged, you have certain guarantees. AmEx purchase protections cover your item up to $ 1,000. And the annual limit is a generous $ 50,000, which means your coverage doesn’t end after your first claim. Conditions apply.

Manage your account with ease

This card comes with tools to help business owners monitor and manage outbound flows. Your online statements allow you to view purchase history at a glance and prepare reports. Additionally, the American Express app can be used to track spend and rewards, find deals, make payments, and receive real-time account alerts.

The bottom line

A strong business card with flexible spending limits and free cards for employees, while earning valuable Membership Rewards points, can be of great benefit to business owners. If this sounds like you, the American Express Business Green Rewards Card could be a good fit. Conditions apply.

All information on American Express Business Green Rewards Card was independently collected by TBEN. the American Express Business Green Rewards Card is no longer available through TBEN.

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