University admissions: students in riots-stricken northeast Delhi will have 3 more months to submit original documents


The Delhi government has ordered its universities and other institutes of higher education to give students in the riot-hit northeast areas of the city a three-month break by submitting original admission documents.

The government said students may have lost their results sheets and certificates during the riots and the process of obtaining duplicate documents was tedious and lengthy.

“Admissions to colleges and universities under the Delhi government have started. Admissions will be made after verification of the original documents. “Chances are that many students have lost their results sheets and certificates in the riots in northeast Delhi and will not be allowed entry if original documents are unavailable,” he said. said Narender Passi, deputy director of higher education.

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The process of issuing a duplicate tally sheet or certificate is cumbersome and time consuming. Moreover, many do not have the resources or the time to embark on this task as they are busy rebuilding their homes and their lives, he added.

The government noted the need to provide rapid aid to students affected by the riots in northeast Delhi.

“All educational institutions, including Delhi State Universities, must give affected students at least three months to submit original documents. Provisional admission can be given on the basis of a score sheet / certificate available on Digi Locker.

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“Additionally, students may be asked to commit to showing the original documents within three months, failing which their admission may be revoked,” Passi said.

In February, the north-eastern part of the nation’s capital was rocked by violence in which 53 people were killed and more than 200 injured. The areas most affected by the violence were Jaffrabad, Maujpur, Chand Bagh, Khureji Khas and Bhajanpura.

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