University of California negotiations enter seventh consecutive day


Negotiations to end a strike by University of California teaching assistants, graduate student instructors, faculty and readers have entered a seventh straight day.


Details of Wednesday’s negotiations were not immediately available.

Unions representing the striking workers on Wednesday called on speakers to respect picket lines and cancel all scheduled events on UC campuses, said Rafael Jaime, president of UAW Local 2865.

The California Labor Federation has approved the strike and is asking all elected officials to respect the strike sanction by canceling speaking engagements and rallies on UC campuses until an agreement is reached that would end the strike, said Lorena González Fletcher, head of the California Labor Federation. .

UAW is calling on non-students to boycott their classes or for employees with no-strikes clauses and unrepresented employees to take actions that could jeopardize their jobs.

“The University of California respects the right of bargaining unit members to participate in a strike,” said Ryan King, deputy director of media relations, Office of the President, University of California.

“The university will continue to negotiate in good faith and we hope to reach a fair agreement as soon as possible. Until then, our campuses will continue to work to mitigate any disruption to their teaching, research and other activities.”

About 48,000 workers, including 17,000 student researchers, at UCLA, UC Irvine, the eight other University of California campuses and Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory went on strike Monday, seeking higher wages and larger annual pay increases, free public transportation passes, better childcare allowances and greater job security.

According to Jaime, the strike is the largest in the country since 2019, the largest of any academic institution and the first by postdoctoral scholars and academic researchers.