University of California strike hits campuses across the state


Nearly 50,000 University of California workers went on strike Monday in the largest U.S. work stoppage of the year.

The strike will take place on each of the university system’s ten campuses and a research center, according to members of the United Auto Workers union. They accused the university of “illegal behaviour‘ and negotiating in ‘bad faith’. Both parties have not agreed on a new contract.

“We are hopeful that UC will cease its unfair labor practices and negotiate with us in good faith,” said Jaime, a doctoral student at the university.

It is not clear how long the strike will last. A spokesperson for the university was not immediately available for comment on Monday.

The workers involved in the strike include teaching assistants, graduate student researchers, postdoctoral researchers and teachers. Their unions have been pushing the university for higher pay because academic workers cannot afford to live in the communities where they teach and conduct research.

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The UAW affiliates said the strike appeared to be the largest in US academic history. They planned picket lines for Monday at university locations across the state.

“UC is one of the best public university systems and research institutions in the world, not least because of its ability to attract the most talented scientists from a wide range of backgrounds,” the legislature said. wrote. “But the UC system cannot live up to its mission and reputation if its own employees don’t feel respected.”

This is a developing story. Come back for updates.


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