Urfi Javed burns the internet with her bold sexy clothes, netizens say ‘Chitra is burning’


On Sunday, TV star and social media sensation Urfi Javed set the internet on fire when she posted her sexy video in a daring revealing outfit to social media. In the photo she can be seen in a unique blue dress.

She shared the photo and dropped a rainbow emoji. In no time, the video went viral and netizens reacted to it. One of them wrote: “Every woman has the wings of freedom, only she must spread them and make her dreams come true, well done Urfisis.” The second said, “Asli Pathan to ye hai, baki sab to fraud hai.” The third said, “Chitra is burning.” The fourth said, “More power to you.” I like the lipstick shade.

Recently, Urfi Javed gave a fitting response to Bharatiya Janata Party leader Chitra Kishor for her alleged remarks about the indecent dress sense of the actress and filed a complaint against her. She asked the BJP leader to learn about ancient Hindu culture before accusing her of spreading nudity.

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Uorfi wrote on Twitter that Hindus were liberal and educated and women were allowed to choose their clothes. Notably, a complaint was filed against Uorfi by Wagh for “indulging in nudity in public”. On Sunday, she tweeted: “This is how ancient Hindu women dressed. Hindus were liberal, educated, women were allowed to choose their clothes, actively participated in sports and politics.”

“They were people who are positive about sex and women’s bodies. First, learn about Bhartiya Sanskriti,” she added. On January 4, the BJP leader took to Twitter and denounced Urfi Javed for her dress sense and asked whether the women’s committee would do anything about it or not. “Half-naked women are walking openly in the street. Why doesn’t the Women’s Committee itself pay attention to that? The protest is not against Uorfi but against the attitude of walking around openly in public places. And yes… the Women’s Committee will do something or not?” Wagh tweeted in Marathi.

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In another tweet in Marathi, she wrote: “Actions are not necessary… Is it the culture of our Maharashtra to walk naked in public places? Does @Maha_MahilaAyog support Urfi’s body display on Bhar Road in Mumbai which is very disgusting?” A day after Wagh filed her complaint with the Mumbai police against Uorfi Javed on her clothing, the latter hit back at the BJP leader on January 2 accusing her of “roaming the streets in vulgar outfits” to avoid police action against her to search. (with input from ANI)

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