US seeks to improve Israel-PA security coordination as nighttime raids against Palestinians increase


The Biden administration urged the Israeli government and the Palestinian Authority to take steps to stabilize the security situation in the occupied Palestinian territories in an effort to prevent it from deteriorating further.

US Deputy Secretary of State for the Middle East Barbara Leaf said the US is “very concerned” about the security situation outside the Green Line.

It comes as Israeli occupation forces killed another Palestinian boy in a morning raid today. Seventeen-year-old Uday Trad Salah was killed when Israeli forces stormed the town of Kafr Dan, in Jenin district, and shot him in the head.

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Salah was one of three Palestinians shot. He was pronounced dead on the spot. The Palestinian health ministry confirmed that Salah’s assassination has increased the number of Palestinians killed by Israel this year to 149, 34 of them in Jenin.

As part of the nighttime raids and invasions of Palestinian homes in the occupied West Bank, Israel has been training its occupying forces to prepare for the possibility of deploying armed drones during “counter-terrorism” operations.

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Nighttime raids by the Israeli army are an almost daily practice in the occupied West Bank. Israel claims they are essential for intelligence purposes, but human rights groups have rejected the practice, insisting its purpose is to oppress and intimidate the Palestinian population and increase state control.

Like military checkpoints and the illegal separation wall, critics argue, the raids are part of the apartheid state’s TBEN.

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Leaf added that the US is working “to do the best it can to ensure that security cooperation is robust and ongoing”.

She also last week warned Israeli National Security Council chairman Eyal Hulata of an eminent PA collapse.

She reiterated to him that the ball is currently in Israel’s court, insisting, “We call on you to take swift action to help the PA.”