US Senators to Draft Package to “Outperform” China, Invest in India


Chuck Schumer said the United States should invest in partners and strategic alliances like India (Representation)


US Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer has called on fellow Democrats to draft a legislative package to ‘outdo’ China, create new US jobs, and invest in strategic partners and alliances like NATO and the United States. ‘India.

During a caucus call Tuesday, Schumer discussed his willingness to lead Senate committees to draft legislation to protect American jobs and beat China.

He said his intention was to submit the bill to the Senate for a vote this spring.

“Today, I called on the chairs and members of our relevant committees to start drafting a legislative package to beat China and create new jobs in the United States,” Schumer said.

The new legislation, he said, must achieve three goals. They should strengthen US competitiveness with China by investing in US innovation, US workers and US manufacturing industry; invest in partners and strategic alliances: NATO, South East Asia and India; and expose, curb and end once and for all China’s predatory practices that have hurt so many American jobs, Mr. Schumer said.

The centerpiece of the bill will be a bicameral, bipartisan bill, the Endless Borders Act, which Mr Schumer introduced last year along with Sen. Todd Young, Indo-American Congressman Ro Khanna and Senator Mike Gallagh in the House.

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“It will take the major cutting industries and make US investments so that we are ahead of China in each of them. In addition, we will seriously invest in strengthening the US semiconductor industry to overtake China and stop to depend on foreign sources, ”Mr. Schumer said. .

He said that semiconductor manufacturing is a dangerous weak spot in the US economy and national security today and that must change.

“You’ve all seen auto factories across America being closed because they can’t get the chips. We cannot rely on foreign processors for the chips. We cannot let China get ahead of us in chip production. This will be part of the proposal that we will present, ”said Mr Schumer.

“We’ll also talk about the exit of 5G and how America can stay number one there. And all of them have bipartisan support. The bill that we intend to bring forward … will be bipartisan. Our intention is to put this legislation into effect. The Senate floor for a vote this spring, “he said.

This month alone, nearly 20 anti-China laws were introduced or reintroduced in either house of the US Congress.

In a U.S. Senate Finance Committee hearing, Senator Todd Young urged the Treasury Department to assure Americans that they are not unknowingly investing in U.S.-sanctioned Chinese companies and other dubious Chinese companies linked to human rights violations.


Also in a letter to Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen, Mr. Young wrote that if the Biden administration rolled back the policies of the past four years, Americans could unwittingly support Chinese companies affiliated with the Chinese military and others. who commit genocide against the Uyghur population. in China, the fabrication of advanced weapon systems and the building of an oppressive surveillance state.

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“One of China’s most glaring weaknesses is access to the kind of large-scale financing that only US financial markets can adequately provide,” Young wrote.

“As this is one of our country’s greatest strengths, we must take whatever steps are necessary to protect it. We must place the protection of American investors and our national security interests above any ephemeral investment gain in it. which concerns the financing of the Chinese Communist Party and its affiliated companies and activities, ”he said.

Four Republican Senators Mitt Romney, Marco Rubio, Chuck Grassley and Rob Portman in a letter to President Joe Biden urged him to implement the proposed rule requiring US academic institutions to disclose their relationships with Confucius Institutes, which are funded by the Chinese Communist Party.

“We have significant concerns about the CCP’s nefarious actions and urge you to keep your commitments to advance the interests of the American people as we collectively respond to the challenge the CCP poses,” they wrote.

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“We believe it is extremely important to better understand and reduce the influence of the CCP on the American people, including through the Hanban, its propaganda arm that runs the Confucius Institutes through the Ministry of Education of the PRC The proposed rule is a necessary step in this effort and would bring the necessary transparency to the Confucius Institutes, ”the senators said.

They alleged that funding for the Confucius Institute comes with conditions that could compromise academic freedom.

Chinese teachers sign contracts with the Chinese government pledging not to harm China’s national interests. Such limitations attempt to export China’s censorship from political debate and prevent discussion of potentially politically sensitive topics, senators said.

“Confucius Institutes are part of China’s larger and longer-term strategy. Through the Confucius Institutes, the Chinese government is trying to change the perception in the United States and the world that China is an economic and security threat.

“The soft power of the Confucius Institutes encourages complacency in China’s long-term pervasive initiatives against government criticism both at home and at overseas businesses and academic institutions,” they said.

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