US Treasury Sanctions 5 Crypto Addresses Connected To Russian Neo-Nazi Paramilitary Group


The US Treasury Department has added five cryptocurrency addresses associated with a neo-Nazi group involved in Russia’s war against Ukraine to its list of entities sanctioned by the Office of Foreign Asset Control.

In a notification on Thursday, the US Treasury Department designated 22 individuals and 2 entities, including many that the Department claimed to have furthered the Russian government’s objectives in Ukraine, to its list of Specially Designated Nationals, allowing US individuals and companies were actually barred from associating with them. Included in sanctions from one of the entities – a neo-Nazi paramilitary group called Task Force Rusich – were 2 cryptocurrency addresses for Bitcoin (BTC), 2 for Ether (ETH) and 1 for Tether (USDT).

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Finance Minister Janet Yellen said the sanctions were imposed as part of the government’s efforts to “hold Russia accountable for its war crimes, atrocities and aggression”, financially isolate Russian President Vladimir Putin and prevent the country from deploying its military. finances. The Ukrainian army on Monday took back some of the territory east of the city of Kharkiv, which had been occupied by Russian troops for months.

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According to the Ministry of Finance, Task Force Rusich fought alongside the Russian army in Ukraine, also near the recently reclaimed area, and charged mercenaries with “committing atrocities against dead and imprisoned Ukrainian soldiers” in 2015 during the conflict in the Donbas region. The ministry claimed the neo-Nazi group was responsible or complicit in actions that “undermine the peace, security, political stability or territorial integrity of the United States, its allies or its partners” in favor of the Russian government.

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Since the Russian military began invading Ukraine in February, the US government and many officials in Europe have imposed sanctions to weaken the country’s economy and punish wealthy individuals. On Wednesday, the Ministry of Finance also announced that it had sanctioned 7 BTC addresses allegedly connected to 2 Iranian nationals who were part of a ransomware group.