VA Secretary Says Agency Is Looking At Abortion Services For Female Vets


The Secretary of Veterans Affairs said on Sunday that his department is looking at granting access to abortion to veterans in states that restrict or prohibit the procedure.

Denis McDonough said on CNN’s “State of the Union” that there are about 300,000 female veterans of childbearing age who depend on the VA for health and reproductive care.

“We’re going to make sure they have access to the full slate of that care because we owe them that,” McDonough said.

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The question was prompted by a letter from 24 Democratic senators sent to McDonough last week, stating that the VA has legal authority to “provide abortion and abortion-related services and resources” after the Supreme Court overthrown Roe v. Wade in June. had brought.

Following the decision, a number of states quickly passed laws banning or severely restricting abortion.

“We’re looking intently at these questions about how we guarantee the lives and health of our veterans — our female veterans — the 300,000 who rely on us for their care,” McDonough told host Jake Tapper.

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“I have no announcements about that this morning, Jake. But we’re looking very closely at that to make sure there’s no reduction or reduction in services for them and no risk to their lives as a result of these decisions,” McDonough said.

He was asked whether his preference was to provide services at VA hospitals in the states that restrict abortion.

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“My preference is that they do not run any risks for their lives as a result of this court ruling. We’re going to make sure we’re capable of that,” McDonough said.

The post-VA secretary says the agency that reviews abortion services for female veterinarians first appeared on the New York Post.


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