Vaccine shortage is serious problem, not “Utsav”: Rahul Gandhi slams Prime Minister’s appeal


COVID-19: Rahul Gandhi also asked the government about the export of vaccines.

New Delhi:

The shortage of doses of the coronavirus vaccine is a serious problem, not a “utsav“Congress leader Rahul Gandhi said today, criticizing Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s call to observe a”tika utsav, Or “vaccine festival,” between April 11 and 14 to inoculate the maximum number of eligible beneficiaries in all states.

The congressman also questioned the government about exporting vaccines at a time when vaccination centers in several states, including hardest-hit Maharashtra, were closing early and turning people away due to exhaustion stocks. Many vaccination centers reported that the doses were low even as infections in the country had increased at their fastest rate since the start of the pandemic.

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“In the midst of the growing corona crisis, the vaccine shortage is a very serious problem and not a ‘utsav’. Is it right to export vaccines putting the lives of peasants at risk? The central government must help all States without any bias. We must defeat this pandemic together, “Gandhi tweeted in Hindi.

During his meeting with chief ministers on Thursday, Prime Minister Modi referred to the ongoing dispute over vaccination between the Union Health Ministry and the government of Maharashtra, sending a clear and categorical message that he does not ‘approves of any type of political blame game in the fight against this pandemic. .

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“There was a kind of competition between the states when the number of coronavirus cases started to rise,” he said.

“This state is completely useless, its numbers are so high. This state is doing so well. Comparing different states has become a fashion.”

The Foreign Ministry said on Thursday that India had not imposed any export bans on coronavirus vaccines, adding that the supply of Indian-made vaccines overseas would continue while meeting the country’s domestic needs. country.

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For the fourth time in five days, India has reported more than a lakh of new Covid cases, pushing the total number of cases to over 1.3 crore.



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