Var lines thicken in Premier League with hopes of eliminating underarm offside


Thicker lines will be incorporated into Premier League Var technology next season in a bid to calm the anger of fans and managers over fine-margin offside decisions.

The bosses of the referees have received support from the clubs to expand the digital bands that have notoriously led to goals excluded by an armpit.

A total of 128 goals or incidents were directly affected by the video referee of the Premier League last season. Timo Werner’s disallowed goal for Chelsea at Liverpool in March was among calls that could have been decided differently with thicker lines.

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The technological adjustment, which would effectively give the forward more doubt, received approval from senior executives following a presentation at the league’s annual general meeting.

The Premier League is yet to comment on the change, but said shareholders “have discussed a range of issues and re-committed to building on the collective of 20 clubs for the benefit of the wider game.”

Following the deal with six rebel clubs to donate £ 22million to popular causes for their plot to join a European Super League, the other clubs also approved rules that would see any future conspiracy result deductions of 30 points.

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The clubs have also accepted the principle of an “Owners Charter”, which “will reaffirm the values ​​and expectations placed on clubs and their owners,” the league added.

“These additional rules and regulations are put in place to ensure that the principles of the Premier League and open competition are protected and provide certainty and stability to our clubs and their fans,” a spokesperson said.

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