Veganuary: Why Your Favorite Celebs Promote Plant-Based Diets


Some of the biggest names in the world have put their weight behind Veganuary and are encouraging their followers to give up meat and dairy this month.

Sir Paul McCartney, Joaquin Phoenix, Alicia Silverstone and Queen guitarist Brian May are leading the way for a sustainable, cruelty-free lifestyle by promoting plant-based diets.

Kim Kardashian, who has dived in and out of veganism in recent years, announced that she is back on the herbal train to complete her ‘sister training camp’, which consists of two workouts per day.

“30 days to restore our mind and body this year!” the reality TV star said on her Instagram story.

Beatles bassist and decades-long vegetarian Sir Paul McCartney has re-enlisted as an Ambassador for the Veganuary Initiative.

In a statement, the 78-year-old urged fans to “sign up, participate, try and see how you feel.”

“I have been a vegetarian for over 40 years and stayed there because I believe every meatless meal is a victory for animals and the planet.

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“That’s why I started Meatless Monday with my daughters Mary and Stella, and that’s also why I support Veganuary.”

Joker Star Joaquin Phoenix also supported the campaign and said those concerned about climate change should consider making the change.

“If you look at the climate crisis or the violence of our food system and feel helpless, thinking ‘I wish there was something I could do’ – you can. Now.”

Kinder diets …

Interest in veganism hit an all-time high in 2020 and shows no signs of slowing down.

In the UK alone, 6.5 million people are preparing to become vegans, vegetarians or pescatarians in 2021, according to a survey.

Since the Veganuary campaign began six years ago, interest has skyrocketed.

In its first year in 2014, only 3,300 people officially registered to participate.

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This year, more than 500,000 people joined the movement.

But why are so many people switching to more respectful eating?

In 2020, 38% of Veganuary attendees said their health was a top motivator to join.

About 37% said their main reason for giving up meat and dairy products was cruelty to animals in the livestock industry.

Vampire diaries Paul Wesley highlighted the strong link between animal consumption and diseases like COVID-19, HIV, Ebola virus, swine flu, avian flu, mad cow disease and SARS – all of which are of animal origin.

About 18 percent of Veganuary attendees wanted to do their part for the environment, while seven percent cited other unspecified reasons.

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No idea Actor Alicia Silverstone, one of Veganuary’s ambassadors, said the desire to improve the planet was a big factor in her decision.

“Despite all of our recycling, energy savings, and water conservation (all of which are great), most people still don’t know they can have the biggest impact on our precious planet Earth by adopting a herbal diet, ”Silverstone said.

Like Kardashian, a focus on health and wellness was an important part of Beyoncé and Jay-Z’s herbal journey.

The couple wrote the foreword in Beyoncé’s Personal Trainer, Marco Borges’ book,The Greenprint: Plant Based Diet, Better Body, Better World, and said they wanted to question themselves.

“We all have a responsibility to defend our health and that of the planet. Let’s take this position together. “


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