Vettel: Stroll and I could have worked better together


The German tried to get past Stroll on lap nine as he came out of Turn 3, but his teammate defended vigorously and forced him onto the grass.

Although they did not touch and Vettel was able to recover, Stroll was given a 10-second penalty for dangerous driving.

Looking back on the incident afterwards, Vettel said he wasn’t too alarmed about what happened, other than wondering if the pair should have fought at all.

“I don’t think we made contact, it was close,” Vettel told Sky Sports. “I mean, it’s clearly a split second. But I went in, the hole closed and it was very tight. I went off the track, which was difficult to recover.

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“I was stuck on the board, but luckily came back. After we could work together and I could use the pace I had.”

Vettel felt it would have made much more sense if he and Stroll had worked together more to move forward.

“It’s a thin line, you’re fighting for your spot,” he said. “Of course it’s important to defend. On the other hand, it always tries to weigh, do you lose more than you win? Moreover, we try to work together.

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“So I think in the end we could have done better today, both, to try and get a better positioning for both for the team – and not lose so much time and then finish a little higher.”

Lance Stroll, Aston Martin AMR22, Sebastian Vettel, Aston Martin AMR22

Photo By: Andy Hone / Motorsport Images

Stroll said he had no idea exactly how far he had pushed Vettel.

“I have to look at it again,” he told Sky Sports. “I haven’t seen the video, so I probably didn’t leave enough space.”

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Vettel, who eventually finished ninth while Stroll was classified 17th, saw a good chance of scoring decent points on Sunday.

“Pierre [Gasly] we have today, Kevin [Magnussen] is of course ahead of us tomorrow, but it will be a different discipline,” he said.

“It’s a long race, but the pace in the race looked good, the tires were well maintained. So hopefully we’ll have a similar opportunity tomorrow.”