Vickie Guerrero on Her New Book What Eddie Guerrero Would Do If He Was Alive Today How She Lasted 10 Years In WWE | TBEN


Vickie Guerrero was interviewed on the latest AEW Unrestricted podcast. She opened up about her late husband Eddie Guerrero, WWE, her run for AEW and more.

Here are some highlights:

Vickie Guerrero was asked if she was considering leaving the company when Eddie Guerrero died:

“I did. After I inducted Eddie into the Hall of Fame, me and my daughters and Chavo, there was Chris and Rey, I thought, that’s it. That’s how well I’m supposed to be. in the wrestling family. I left a few months to take care of my daughters first because we were going through so much at home. In order to be able to get away, I don’t think I really paid attention to wrestling When Johnny called me, it was probably in August and said, ‘Hey, we’d like to bring you over for a few months just to help with some of the storylines and keep Eddie’s name and memory alive.’ ‘I told him, “Just two months because I have the daughters. We were living and Phoenix and I were trying to sell my house to go to El Paso. He said,’ Sure, just two months. That’s very well.’ Two months and I was memorizing the promos and I was doing really well. They would say, “We want to extend you for another year and see how it goes. A year ended up being 10 years. I still am still amazed that I got to stay.” as long as a Superstar.

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Vickie was asked what she thought Eddie would do today if he was still alive:

“He always wanted to open his own wrestling school just before his death. I think he would have been a great agent. I think that would have been something he would have liked to have mentored a lot of young guys. I can see him being an actor because he was so entertaining.

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Vickie said she was working on a book:

“I have stories in there sharing Eddie with the audience. In the next three weeks, we’re going to publishers and we’re going to try to sell our book. I have been working on it for three years, and with Covid, everything stopped, but we are starting to resume it. Hope we get a buyer and then we go print and then it will be released, hopefully by August or September. I am really proud of the book. It’s my side of living with Eddie and living a life of a housewife and then becoming a Superstar. It’s pretty amazing.

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The entire interview can be streamed through your favorite podcast streaming app on iOS and Android devices.

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