Victim’s sister recalls ‘fear of life’ in testimony against Alex Jones – live


Alex Jones claims leftists are going to commit atrocities to blame MAGA

A teacher’s sister killed in the 2012 Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting and an FBI agent described what it was like to live in fear for the lives of family members in a tearful testimony after being told by conspiracy theorist Alex Jones. accused of being crisis actors and others.

Carlee Soto Parisi and FBI Agent William Aldenberg were the first witnesses to testify in the second trial before a jury in Connecticut.

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“I regularly received threatening emails and messages on all social media,” she testified.

“And it got to a point where they would use the gun emoji. And I spoke to the police in Connecticut and my husband ended up having to talk to the police in North Carolina because we were afraid for our lives.”

Mr Jones is not present in the Waterbury courtroom on the first day.

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This is the second trial for Jones, who was ordered by a Texas jury last month to pay nearly $50 million to the parents of one of the murdered children.

There is a six-member jury and several deputies who will ultimately decide how much the conspiracy theorist should pay to relatives of eight victims and an FBI agent.


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Alex Jones sarcastically claims he killed Sandy Hook victims

Infowars host Alex Jones sarcastically claimed he killed Sandy Hook victims in a runaway diatribe over the $50 million defamation verdict a Texas jury had handed down against him.

Jones made the incendiary comments, his first since losing a defamation case brought by the family of one of the schoolchildren killed in the mass shooting, during an interview with YouTube journalist Andrew Callaghan.


Watch: heated discussion between judge and counsel


Sandy Hook Families: ‘Bully’ Alex Jones Will ‘Never Quit’ Unless Held Responsible

An attorney representing eight families who lost relatives in the 2012 Sandy Hook massacre ripped into Infowars founder Alex Jones as the second lawsuit against him began in Connecticut.

“Unless you stand up to bullies, a bully will never stop,” Chris Mattei said during opening statements on Tuesday, according to Law & Crime.


Watch: FBI Agent Provides Details About Threats Received After Sandy Hook Shooting


Alex Jones and Infowars sanctioned just minutes after second damages lawsuit

Alex Jones and Infowars were sanctioned just minutes after the second damages lawsuit for his false claims about the Sandy Hook shooting.

The trial began Tuesday in Connecticut, where the shooting took place nearly a decade ago on December 14, 2012.

Judge Barbara Bellis has ruled that Mr Jones and Infowars cannot claim that they did not make a significant profit from covering the shooting because they failed to provide Google Analytics data on Infowars’ traffic to the plaintiffs. Shame reported.


Watch: tearful testimony from victim’s sister


Why is Alex Jones on trial again for his Sandy Hook conspiracies?

Conspiracy theorist and conservative radio host Alex Jones will face trial a month back after a judge ordered him to pay nearly $50 million for damages caused by his insistence that the Sandy Hook shooting was a hoax.

Jones is already liable for causing emotional and psychological harm to the families of the victims of the Sandy Hook shooting. After the attack, he made numerous claims that the shooting was a hoax intended to justify a government-led seizure of weapons from Americans.


Judge Bellis taught counsel several times during the first day of the trial.

Just before the end of the day, she deleted from the file what she considered to be “completely inappropriate comments” from attorney Norm Pattis.


After a short cross-examination with many objections, Mr. Pattis says he has no further questions and the jury is dismissed for a day.


Carlee concludes her direct testimony and replies that her sister was alive and that Sandy Hook was real.

The cross-examination begins.


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