Victorian man arrested for the 1989 murders of his brother


A man has been arrested for the murders of a woman and her brother in 1989 on the outskirts of Melbourne.

A man was arrested for the murders of a brother and sister in Melbourne over 30 years ago.

Doris McCartney, 71, and her brother Ronald Swann, 69, were found dead at their home in Moorabbin in October 1989.

A 58-year-old Rowville man was arrested Thursday, following the offer last week of a million dollar reward to help resolve the case.

The man is being questioned by detectives and no charges have been laid.

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Mr Swann was Ms McCartney’s caregiver as she was hearing impaired. Her husband died in 1979.

“I promised this guy that I would take care of her – I failed,” said Doris’ son Ian McCartney, pointing to a picture of Doris and her husband.

“There isn’t a day in 31 years that I haven’t thought about it.

“It’s not easy. It takes a lot off of you.”

Doris’ daughter, Patricia Newman, pleaded with the killer last week.

“Please use your conscience before you go and give us some peace,” she said.

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“I appeal to you, please, if you know anything, please introduce yourself as insignificant as you think. Please I beg you.”

Despite a comprehensive investigation spanning three decades, detectives said there was not enough evidence to charge anyone.

However, after reviewing the case two years ago, new information emerged which led the Homicide Squad’s Cold Case Team to believe they are on the verge of realizing the identity of the homicide squad. killer and the motive for the attack.

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“With that [review] and the advancement of investigative techniques, we are quite confident that we have a very good opportunity to address this issue, ”Detective Inspector Tim Day said.

“I think history has shown that a fresh look at a file often pays off.”

The brother and sister were found dead by a friend.

Police previously said the duo were assaulted and there was no sign of forced entry into the house.

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