Video: Fitness YouTuber breaks Guinness World Record by doing 25 helicopter pull-ups


A Dutch fitness enthusiast broke the Guinness World Record (GWR) for the most pull-ups completed in a minute while dangling from a helicopter.

He broke the record for the most pull-ups from a helicopter in one minute with a staggering 25, according to a release by GWR.

Stan Browney and fellow athlete Arjen Albers broke the record at Hoevenen Airport in Antwerp, Belgium, on July 6, 2022.

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Guinness World Records shared a video of this record-breaking feat on its YouTube handle, saying: “The guys at @Browney are competing to see who can do the most pull-ups from a helicopter in one minute. Who will beat the world? run off file?”

Who is Stan Browny?

Stan, better known as Stan Browney, is a specialist in callisthenics, a type of calisthenics exercise aimed at achieving physical fitness and grace of movement.

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It took the two athletes 15 days to find a helicopter to rent for their training. The two athletes used a suspended smooth PVC pipe suspended from ropes to simulate the movements of a helicopter.

They had trained daily in all conditions, both indoors and outdoors, and created a situation that could simulate the helicopter pull up in the gym.

Previous record

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The previous record was set by Roman Sahradyan from Armenia who did 12 pull-ups.

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